Custom Paper Cups - About Us is the premier source for customized paper cups and food packaging. We offer multiple programs to meet your need including low run digitally printed full color dynamic cup prints and offshore flexographic printing of cups at large production runs to decrease your costs and increased profitability of your coffee shop, ice cream shop, eatery or fast casual establishment.

We pride ourselves on a customer centric focus with pricing and quality among our top concerns.  Restaurant owners worldwide have utilized our services and production capabilities for innovative custom branded and personalized paper products for their establishments and we aim to assist clients with individual stores or multiple franchise locations.

We are a supplier and manufacturer of custom food packaging meaning we pass this opportunity of savings to our clients and eliminate the middleman and increased costs of broadline distributors who typically at 20-30% onto products they don't produce or manufacture.

If you have any need for custom log branded packaging don't hesitate to contact our Cup Concierge today.

You can text our office directly vie the link on the bottom right of our website pages.